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Definitive Feline Genealogy Test

Often, with the many types of domesticated felines (hereinafter referred to as "Kitties") occupying our houses and streets, people are left to wonder about the heritage of their respective family pet(s). I too have occasionally wondered this.

Then one day I made a small discovery that caused an hypothesis to develop. Whilst I was dutifully stroking the Manors obligatory resident feline, I noticed that while performing Madame Robyns third instruction (of a list of petting duties left for me to perform while Madam was off searching for Araucana chicks [a bean?], purchasing chick starter [???], and perusing perennial seeds), that using a simple manipulation of the "kitties" ears, then observing the subsequent reaction, one could most accurately determine said subject "kitties" ancestry.

To test this hypothesis, I gathered up all of the stray "kitties" I could find (much to Madame Robyns delight..), and developed a testing model. Then, for comparative purposes, I gathered up as many stray dogs as I could find.

The test:

This is the original "petting instruction number three", as written and left by Madame Robyn for me to perform:

"#3- Put my little pookaboo on your lap facing you, then fold his ears down so they lay flat on his head, then bend down, rub his nose with yours, and say in a squeaky voice `oooo... you look part Lab to me..'. Then stick your tongue out and pant like a dog."
I modified this instruction slightly for the scientific test.

The preliminary results:

This is all the stupid testing I am gonna do!
Any other P.fDs wanna carry on?

Fraternally yours, Shel. Pfd.

Copyright Shel, P.fD
May 4, 1999


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